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Support Ukraine and its people with us

We are an association of more than 400 volunteers based in Prague.
Our mission is to support Ukrainian people who became victims of Russian aggression.
About us
Our organization, 'Spark spolek,' formerly known as 'Spolek žen pro pomoc obětem válečné agrese,' was established at the onset of the Ukrainian-Russian war. Since then, we have dispatched numerous aid shipments to Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, including drones, generators, vehicles, special military winter clothing, periscopes, food, and various other essential items. The majority of our participants are women engaged in diverse roles, such as voluntary clothing production and the procurement of goods. Each aid transport to the war front is done by our company's founder, Lesya Kopchuk.
How can you help us
We work hard every day to send as much aid as possible to Ukraine.
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    Current charitative fundraisers
    We would greatly appreciate any financial aid for our fundraisers, which aim to support Ukrainian soldiers.

    1. Off-road vehicles for transporting the wounded.
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    Support us directly
    All donations to our non-profit organization are allocated towards acquiring sewing materials, procuring off-road vehicles for Ukrainian soldiers, securing sewing spaces, covering fuel expenses for deliveries, and other essential needs.

    You can support us through our Czech bank account: 6043882389/0800
    Or IBAN: CZ24080000000006043882389
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    Become a volunteer
    Alternatively, you can show your support by volunteering your time or donating much-needed equipment to our address: Nádražní 285/18, 150 00, Praha 5-Smíchov. We also welcome individuals willing to help prepare packages, sew clothes, or participate in our handmade soap business, which plays a vital role in sustaining our non-profit organization.

    For those interested in participating, please contact us via email at volunteers.cz@gmail.com
What do we send to Ukraine?
As the war progresses, medicines are becoming increasingly essential commodities. We are leveraging our connections with major companies to procure medicines at the most favorable prices.
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Humanitarian aid for civilians
Thousands of civilians have lost their homes and were forced to become refugees. War has left deep scars on the Ukrainian people. We provide food, clothes, and toys for children. Also, we forward refugees to professional help and assist them in finding jobs.
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Goods for soldiers
It is crucially important to support Ukrainian soldiers in the fight against Russian aggression.
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Why donate through us?
We dedicate our efforts to assisting both Ukrainian civilians and soldiers. Through our ongoing shipments, we strive to make a meaningful impact on thousands of people who have been deeply affected by the ravages of war.
  • More than 400 volunteers
    Numerous individuals have generously supported our cause, and they continue to contribute in every possible way.
  • Over 50 deliveries of humanitarian aid
    Every month, we provide essential humanitarian aid.
  • Several mentions of us in the media
    We have been featured in numerous articles, and several reportages have highlighted our endeavors.
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