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We send aid to civilians
Delivery of humanitarian help all over Ukraine
We support several orphan houses
in order to raise funds we organize various events
food for animals
Raising money is not that simple, so from time to time we organise concerts of other events to encourage people
We stay in a contact with those charity organizations, deliver to them medicines, clothing, toys and food
Since the western part of Ukraine is consider to be safer, many orphan houses were founded there. Children from all over Ukraine find their shelter in such houses as:"Dumka" etc.

At the 25th of May a premier of the Ukrainian move “Mother of apostles” took place at the oldest cinema
of Prague.
After the winter of several awards was presented, guests took part in a lottery. Participants could win one of the paintings kids from orphan houses drew.
Luckily there such organizations that take care of those pets in Ukraine. We do our best to support them sending food and other important items
We are very glad that so mane people came to support us and helped with raising funds.
Thousands of refugees were forced to leave their country, unfortunately many them did not have a possibility to take their pets with them. This led to the fact that a great number of animals were left without their owners.

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