We are an association of more than 400 volunteers based in Prague.
Our mission is a support of Ukrainian people
who became victims of Russian aggression
Help us in supporting Ukraine and its people
What we send to Ukraine
why donate through us
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What we do and how we do it
We find it, buy it or make it
We deliver it directly where it is needed
On the way back we usually take refugees from the Ukrainian border
We receive requests for certain goods from all over Ukraine
Thousands of refugees, hundreds of orphans, animals, which are left without their owners
ways to support us
Last but not least, you can join our volunteer organization and help with your time and energy
You also can bring some humanitarian aid to our reception point on the address: Nádražní 285/18,
150 00, Praha 5-Smíchov
You can send funds to our official accout,
so we could purchaice the most needed items
Account information:
Czech bank account: 6043882389/0800
IBAN: CZ24080000000006043882389
Goods for soldiers
Humanitarian aid for civilians
Humanitarian aid for civilians
It is crucially important to support our soldiers in the fight against Russian aggression
Using our connections among big companies we manage to buy medicines for the most favourable prices
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Learn more
Over 35 deliveries of humanitarian aid
More then 400

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